© 2009 by Christoph Jäggin
gitarre / guitarra / chitarra / guitare / guitar christoph jäggin Grüezi! Herzlich willkommen
Why am I making music ... ? You could just as well ask me why I breathe and I would have to give you the same laconic answer. I simply need music. Music belongs to me, I did not look for it, I did not choose it. However I can better tell you what I think I can find in it. Myself and, foremost, the Other, a You, a He, an Us. I would like to listen to the Other, I would like to try to understand him or her, to feel him or her. On the way between Myself and the Other, I meet the enigmatic, infinitely multiple, constantly moving things. This beauty constantly overcomes me for something new. Not only to accept but to respect something unknown, strange, not sizeable, seems to me to be a difficult but worthwhile objective.  
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